The Marble Falls Senior Activity Center, Inc. was organized in 1987 to meet the needs of senior citizens, age 50 and up, in Marble Falls and surrounding areas.


The Center was sponsored in its first year by the Marble Falls Noon Lions Club. The original group of senior citizens met in a rented building at Avenue J and Ninth Street in Marble Falls.


The following year, 1989, the Center became completely independent, electing its own officers and conducting its own business affairs. The Center has never asked for or received any federal or state government support. Nor, has it received any taxpayer dollars. The Center obtained nonprofit corporation status, 501 (c) 3, in 1989. The Center is supported by affordable membership dues, fundraisers, and the donations of interested individuals, businesses, and foundations. All officers of the Marble Falls Senior Activity Center area serve as volunteers and none receive any pay.


Construction of the original building started in June 1989, on land donated by Marble Falls National Bank and located at Avenue L and Seventh Street. Construction of the 40 X 80-foot building was completed and ready for occupancy in November 1989.


In 2004, the Center decided to expand and pave the parking lot. Upon completion of this project the parking lot had been doubled in size and paved allowing greater and safer access to the Center. The final major construction project was the adding of an addition in 2007, doubling the size of the building to 80 X 80. In addition, to the major increase in square footage, the Center also had improved lighting, more storage and counter space, along with improved restroom facilities and a covered main entry into the Center. The construction loan for the building was paid off early in 2012


A wide range of activities continue to be offered by the Marble Falls Senior Activity Center. The Center is open six (6) days a week offering a wide range of activities. Activities include potluck luncheons, games, informative presentations, senior exercise, and other activities. The Center continues to provide for the needs of seniors in the area by the programming and services offered which enrich and prolong the lives of its members.

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